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Assignment on Taxation




Assignment on Taxation;e & Transport Limited carries on business as a manufacturer and supplier of concrete and concrete products. It also operates a railway to transport material and products to and from port facilities. The railway is functional but 33 years old. Some sleepers need replacement and some rails are rusted. The company?s electrical equipment is in good condition. As business is booming the company decides to expand its production and resolves to do the following;(i) Repair a leaking roof in an old building, replace some old dangerous awnings and paint all existing buildings to prevent further damage to timber;(ii) Build a new production plant factory at the rear of the present buildings;(iii) Either to make necessary repairs to the existing railway and extend it to the new buildings, or to scrap the old one and start again;(iv) Buy some additional rundown locomotives and after repairs to use the locomotives on its railway to transport materials;(v) Mechanise fully by installing computerised manufacturing equipment.


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