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Consider the monthly data on homeresales in US from January 1989 to February 2003




DR. R. SOYER;Assignment 1: US Home Resales Data;Consider the monthly data on homeresales in US from January 1989 to February 2003;(170 observations). The data is in file "Homeresales.txt" in free format and only consists of;the variable representing monthly homeresales.;In performing any statistical analysis in the following parts, please use SAS PROC;REG and a 5% level of significance.;In performing any statistical analysis, please use SAS PROC REG and a 5% level of;significance.;(a) Look at a time-series plot of the data and using the plot discuss any seasonal;behavior that you can observe from the data.;(b) Obtain box plots for each monthly using SAS (as shown lecture set 1) and using the;plot discuss at which months the consumption peaks and drops.;(c) Create the necessary monthly seasonal indicators and a time index to develop a;seasonal model using August as the reference month. Estimate the model and identify the;statistically significant components of the model. (It is not necessary to use any log;transformation in this assignment).;(d) Using the output discuss interpretation of the constant (intercept) term and the;coefficients for January and November.;(e) Based on your analysis, would you conclude that there exists seasonality in the;home resales? Would you conclude that there is any trend in the home resales? Please briefly;explain your reasoning.;(f) Test the hypothesis that June and July coefficients are equal to each other in your;model.;(g) Obtain a time series plot of actual versus predicted house resales based on your;model.;(h) Assume that you use January as the reference month. Using the output only, that is;without doing any additional SAS runs, obtain the estimates of coefficients for January and;August in this new model.;PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR TYPED REPORT (LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO 3 PAGES;INCLUDING ONLY THE RELEVANT SAS OUTPUTS).;View Full Attachment;Homeresales%281%29.TXT Download Attachment;213000;207000;270000;268000;295000;325000;301000;340000;302000;295000;263000;245000;218000;201000;270000;279000;308000;324000;304000;340000;262000;268000;236000;210000;176000;182000;243000;287000... Show more;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Show all work


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