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companies and came up with Fuhu and The HCI Group




companies and came up with Fuhu and The HCI Group;companies and came up with Fuhu and The HCI Group....;The next day, the CFO asks you, your new financial analyst, and the firm's marketing manager to come to his office. He hands you a file of financial statements from the company's two competitors in the computer hardware industry. He says that the CEO has requested a report analyzing the company's two main competitor's financial statements and predicting their next big moves. In turn, this will provide him with some guidance on how to prepare a counterstrategy in the coming year for your company.;He requests that the team do the following;Decide on the 5 ratios that you will use to monitor the health of your 2 competitor companies.;Find the most recent financial statements for both computer hardware industry competitors.;The easiest Web site to use is Type in the company symbol and go to "financial results" on the left side of the screen.;the results of the 2 competitor company's ratios, including citations and references;an interpretation of the health of each company based on the ratios for each company


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