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All of the first months activity for Shine King Cleaning




All of the first months activity for Shine King Cleaning;All of the first month?s activity for Shine King Cleaning is as follows.;Nov 1 Evan Hudson deposited $35,000 in the business account. Also on this date, Evan transferred his truck title, worth $8,000, to the business. Evan received 200 shares of no-par common stock in return.;2 Wrote a check for $2,000 to Pleasant Properties. In the?ofor?? area of the check, it states?oNovember through February Rent.?? (Debit Prepaid rent);3 Purchased business insurance policy for $2,400 for the term November 1, 2012, through October 31, 2013, and paid cash. (Debit Prepaid insurance);4 Evan went to the Cleaning Supply Company and purchased S2?0 of cleaning supplies on account. The invoice is due 20 days from the date of purchase.;5 Purchased on account an industrial vacuum cleaner from Penny Purchase costing $1,000. The invoice is payable on or before November 25. Purchased a computer and printer costing a total of $1,200. A check for the same amount to the computer store was written on the same date.;9 Performed cleaning services on account for Pierre?s Wig Stand in the amount of $3,000.;10 Deposited Pierre?s check for $100 in the bank.;15 Wrote check payable to Eric Ryder for $500 for contract labor.;16 Received $3,600 for 1 year contract beginning November 16 for cleaning services to be provided to the Sea Side Restaurant. Contract begins November 16, 2012, and ends November 15, 2013. (Credit Unearned service revenue);17 Provided cleaning services for Tip Top Solutions for $800. Tip Top paid with a check.;18 Received water and electric bill for $175 with due date of December 4, 2012.;20 Borrowed $40,000 from bank with interest at rate of 9% per year.;21 Deposited check from Pierre?s Wig Stand for $900, with the notation?oon account.??;25 Wrote check to Penny Purchase for invoice #1035 in the amount of $500.;29 Wrote check payable to St. Petersburg News for $100 for advertising.;30 Paid dividends to Evan Hudson of $600.;Requirements;1. Journalize transactions as required from the activity data.;2. Post journal entries to T-accounts and calculate account balances.;3. Prepare the trial balance at November 30.


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