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The phrase "the dollar was mixed in trading" means that:




10. If a country's government imposes a tariff on imported goods, that country's current account balance will likely __________ (assuming no retaliation by other governments).;a. decrease;b. increase;c. remain unaffected;d. either A or C are possible;12. The U.S. typically has a balance-of-trade surplus in its trade with __________.;a. China;b. Japan;c. A and B;d. none of the above;30. The phrase "the dollar was mixed in trading" means that;a. the dollar was strong in some periods and weak in other periods over the last month.;b. the volume of trading was very high in some periods and low in other periods.;c. the dollar was involved in some currency transactions, but not others.;d. the dollar strengthened against some currencies and weakened against others.


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