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the market for painting a house




1.the market for painting a house in a centerville is 10,000. the total cover-up house-painting company has a fixed costs of 40,000 for ladders, brushes and so on, and the company's variable costs follow this pattern;output:2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10;variable cost(in thousands of $) 26 32 36 42 50 60 72 86 102;calculate the companys total costs, and graph the revenue curve and the total cost curve. do the curves have the shape you expect. over what range of production is the company making profits.;2. calculate and graph the marginal cost, the average cost and the average variable cost for the total cover-up and house painting company. given the market price, at what level of output will the firm maximize profits? what profit or loss is it making at what levels? AND WHAT price will no longer make a profit? assume that its fixed costs are sunk costs, there is no market for used ladders, brushes etc. at what price will the company shut down??


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