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I would like to do this assignment for The United Kingdom country, no more than 8 pages;Please read the assignment instructions below carefully;Thank you;You have the role of a Senior Lending Executive of a large multinational bank that is in the process of making a major loan to a particular country. I selected The United Kingdom country. You should incorporate as much as possible topics introduced in the course. Do a country risk analysis (Note: you are not considering the project risk) and will prepare a paper of at a maximum of eight (8) pages (typed and double spaced including tables and other materials) with proper references. Country aspects in the risk analysis should include;? The United Kingdom (Very Brief ? one or two paragraphs);? Current Economic / Financial Situation;? Currency Fluctuations;? Current Political Conditions;? Inflation last five years;? GDP Growth Rates last five years;? Overall Recommendation (Loan Y / (N));? Cost of Capital;? Applicable Course Concepts


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