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AMBA 610 Knowledge Integration Exam Summer 2014 issue 2, 3 and 4




Issue 2- Organizational Environment-30 points (1,000-word limit);Gargantua Corporation is a technology manufacturing firm with more than 150,000 employees in its worldwide operations. It currently does business in 95 countries and generates more than $22 billion in revenue. Among its many products are wind turbine power generators, light rail cars, automotive assembly robotics, and oil refinery plant process controls. The nature of these, and other, high-tech products makes it critically important that Gargantua be on the cutting edge of innovation and that it leverage to the extent possible economies of scale in its research/development and production processes. Gargantua?s customers pay top-dollar for these big-ticket products, so they are demanding in terms of having the most up-to-date and best-functioning technology.;Additionally, because of the nature of Gargantua?s products, its customers are often either governments or government-subsidized companies, so political concerns frequently come into play during the product sales cycle. Often governments favor suppliers that they perceive as country-friendly and committed for the long term: that, for example, hire local labor, purchase raw materials locally, and maintain an in-country presence?such as a subsidiary?to ensure knowledge of and compliance with local laws and regulations.;In thinking about Gargantua?s competitive environment and what the best structure might be to remain successful, its CEO, Peter Poshman, had the following thoughts about the attributes he?d like the company to have;It must be both global (to be able to offer the finest technology available) and local (to respond to political aspects of the buying-decision process);It must be both large (to enjoy needed economies of scale) and small (to be nimble in decision making and adjusting to marketplace changes);It must be both decentralized (to nurture innovation and intrapreneurship) and centralized (in its reporting and control, to insure accountability and consistency in implementation);Considering all the above, Peter thinks that a matrix design might be the way to go in terms of an organizational structure that will let Gargantua meet its goals and prosper into;the future.;Answer the following questionsabout Gargantua Corporation?s proposed structure. Be sure tostate clearly any assumptions you makeabout the organization as part of the description of factors to consider and state the reasons for including each factor.Use organizational structure language and theory in your response.;1) Is a matrix a good choice for Gargantua? Advise Peter on the possible advantages and disadvantages of adopting this organizational structure.;2) Assuming that Peter decides to go ahead with a matrixed organization, describe to him, at a high level, what such an organization might look like in terms of business units and spans of control.;Be sure to cite any reference sources you use from the AMBA 610 course materials. Do not use any materials outside of AMBA 610 course materials.;Issue 3 - Critical Thinking - 5 points (400-word limit);Read the following paragraph and provide a brief analysis of it from a critical thinking point of view;?Wolverine is the most awesome superhero ever. Anyone who won?t admit that Wolverine is the greatest superhero of all time is an idiot who knows nothing about comic-book superheroes. In 2008 Wolverine was ranked by a magazine as #1 among the top 200 superheroes in history, which proves that the folks at Marvel Comics are entertainment geniuses who are far more talented than those losers at DC Comics and other wannabe comic-book producers. My cousin Vinnie, who reads more comic books and sees more superhero movies than anyone I know, agrees that Marvel Comics must be the best because their stuff is the most enjoyable. Plus, with Wolverine, Marvel Comics came up with a superhero that will never be topped. Sure, there may be some ?artsy? superheroes out there like Batman or the Watchmen, but nobody likes movies with complex, depressing plots that make you have to pay attention to figure out what?s happening. Also heroes like Superman have been around for like the last million years, and nobody wants to pay $8 to see some movie about the stupid adventures of some kryptonite-impaired has-been. Anytime Wolverine?s name is on a movie it?s going to be fresh, with state-of-the-art special effects and fantastic adventure?so whenever Marvel comes out with a new Wolverine or X-Men project you should just go see it and forget about spending your hard-earned cash on any other so-called summer blockbuster movie.?;You don't need to apply all of Browne & Keeley?s 10-critical thinking steps, but you must include at least the following three;1. What is the issue and what is the conclusion?;2. Identify at least three reasoning fallacies, by name, and explain why they are fallacies in this argument.;3. Identify a value assumption in the argument and explain why it is a value assumption.;Be sure to cite any reference sources you use from the AMBA 610 course materials. Do not use any materials outside of AMBA 610 course materials.;Issue 4 ? Business Associations and Torts ? 15 points (600-word limit);You plan to open AbsCan!, a full-service gym with solarium, health and beauty expertise, and personal trainers. You currently have $50,000 available. You estimate you will need $100,000 to start and operate the gym for 1 year. You also estimate you will need $25,000 a year for re-investment, assuming no growth. You plan on being the sole owner if possible, and having two managers: one for the technical side and one for the business side. You are well known in the community and could obtain a loan since you have successfully been in business before. You could also find people to invest in your gym, but you don't like the idea of losing control. You have already started finding suppliers and buying equipment for your new venture. Your friend, Joe, has agreed to do much of the footwork, in terms of applications and filings with the state, for a fee. So far, all has gone well except that last week Joe forgot to set the brake on his truck while dropping off a check to the printing firm that?s doing the marketing materials for your new venture. Joe?s truck rolled down a hill and crashed through six feet of redwood fence fronting a local real estate company run by an old friend of yours, Brian. Brian?s told you that, because of Joe, you have really put him in a bind, as now he has to pay to fix the fence and business has been terrible for the last few months. Now, with a shabby-looking front fence, he fears he?ll get fewer walk-in customers. He?s asking you to pay for the fence damage.;Use the above fact scenario to answer the following questions;1) What form of business should you choose for AbsCan! and why (justify your choice in relation to the other reasonable alternatives available to you)?;2) Are you and/or Joe responsible, legally or ethically, for Brian?s fence repairs? Explain why or why not.;Form: Follow your instructor?s specific format guidelines, if any. Graduate-level structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, and citations are expected to be reflected in your answers: 20 points


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