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The purposeful steps taken by an organization to create employment opportunities for minorities and women is called ____.;Answer;discretionary diversity;affirmative action;organizational plurality;cultural proaction;acculturation;Question 2;The two basic types of diversity training programs are ____.;Answer;mentoring and role-playing;organizational plurality and individual autonomy;role-playing and computer simulation;computer simulation and role-playing;awareness training and skills-based diversity training;Question 3;In a recent meeting, San Mateo County Supervisors voted unanimously to conduct a(n) ____, which would provide an accounting of how well the makeup of local boards and commissions reflects the racial, gender, cultural, geographic, and ethnic diversity of the county.;Answer;diversity comparison;diversity audit;employee-oriented attitudinal review;individual SWOT analysis;stereotypical audit;The term ____ refers to a work environment where (1) each member is empowered to contribute in a way that maximizes the benefits to the organization, customers, and themselves, and (2) the individuality of each member is respected by not segmenting or polarizing people on the basis of their membership in a particular group.;Answer;organizational plurality;deep-level diversity;positive affectivity;social integration;social internalization;Question 5;consists of differences such as personality and attitudes that are learned only through extended interaction with others and are communicated through verbal and nonverbal behaviors.;Answer;Organizational plurality;Behavioral diversity;Surface-level diversity;Deep-level diversity;Ego-driven heterogeneity;Question 6;An individual's ____ refers to his or her tendency to respond to situations and events in a predetermined manner.;Answer;disposition;personality;motivation;locus of control;attitude;Question 7;Companies in several industries are now waking up to the market needs of gays and lesbians. Through diversity programs, organizations are actively recruiting and hiring gays and lesbians to ____.;Answer;drive business growth;encourage litigation;increase fixed costs;achieve fiscal responsibility goals;do all of these;Question 8;To make sure that people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds have the same opportunities, companies should ____.;Answer;eliminate selection and promotion criteria;survey employees about their perceptions and satisfaction;use autonomous hiring programs;use a discrimination ombudsman;build higher glass ceilings;Question 9;Unlike ____, which punishes companies for not achieving specific gender and race differences in their work forces, ____ programs seek to benefit both organizations and their employees by encouraging organizations to value all kinds of differences.;Answer;affirmative action, self-monitoring;diversity, self-monitoring;diversity, affirmative action;affirmative action, diversity;federal agency monitoring, self-monitoring;Question 10;With surface-level diversity, differences are immediately observable, easy to measure, and ____.;Answer;a negative way of bundling employees;typically unchangeable;culturally specific;irrelevant to work behavior;time-activated;Question 11;Which of the following is one of the Big Five personality dimensions?;Answer;Machiavellian tendencies;self-monitoring;emotional stability;positive/negative affectivity;empathy;Question 12;The term ____ refers to the degree to which someone is organized, hard-working, responsible, persevering, thorough, and achievement-oriented.;Answer;conscientiousness;agreeableness;emotional stability;locus of control;empathetic;Question 13;When AT&T hired a female as its president, it was evidence that AT&T does not have a(n) ____ to prevent women from rising to leadership positions.;Answer;organizational roadblock;diversity bottleneck;missing key;missing rung;glass ceiling;Question 14;Which of the following might account for the disparities between the percentages of African, Hispanic, and Asian Americans among the general population and their smaller representation in management positions?;Answer;Federal Trade Commission regulations;racial or ethnic discrimination in the workplace;watchdog advocacy groups;congressional lobbying;affirmative action programs;Question 15;The term ____ refers to the degree to which someone is cooperative, polite, flexible, forgiving, good natured, tolerant, and trusting.;Answer;conscientiousness;emotional stability;agreeableness;locus of control;self-reliance;Question 16;is a reinforcement strategy which weakens a behavior over time because the behavior has no consequences, positive or negative.;Answer;Positive reinforcement;Negative reinforcement;Punishment;Reinforcement reversal;Extinction;Question 17;A ____ is a target, objective, or result.;Answer;vision;motivational drive;need;goal;mission;Question 18;is the extent to which people consciously understand and agree to goals.;Answer;Goal specificity;Goal difficulty;Goal acceptance;Goal congruity;Goal clarity;Question 19;says that people will be motivated to the extent to which they accept specific, challenging goals and receive feedback that indicates their progress toward goal achievement.;Answer;Equity theory;Goal-setting theory;Reward theory;Expectancy theory;The theory of instrumentality;Question 20;According to ____, people will be motivated when they perceive they are being treated fairly.;Answer;expectancy theory;Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs;equity theory;Alderfer's ERG Theory;reinforcement theory;Question 21;is the perceived degree to which outcomes and rewards are fairly distributed or allocated.;Answer;Procedural justice;Distributive justice;Equity;Postconventional perception;Process objectivity;Question 22;On the basis of research evidence, the two basic needs categories are ____.;Answer;tangible and intangible needs;physiological and psychological needs;higher-order and lower-order needs;extrinsic and intrinsic needs;realized and unrealized needs;uestion 23;According to Alderfer's ERG theory, the lowest-order need is ____.;Answer;existence;relatedness;physiological needs;ego-related;empathy;3 points;Question 24;The two parts of reinforcement are ____.;Answer;reinforcement temporality and reinforcement administration;positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement;continuous reinforcement and intermittent reinforcement;reinforcement contingencies and schedules of reinforcement;interval reinforcement and ratio reinforcement;Question 25;The three components of ____ are initiation of effort, direction of effort, and persistence of effort.;Answer;compliance;self-management;motivation;performance;efficiency;Question 26;The two basic kinds of inequity are ____.;Answer;performance and situational inequities;underreward and overreward;balanced and unbalanced rewards;intrinsic and extrinsic inequities;higher-order and lower-order inequities;Question 27;According to expectancy theory, in order for people to be highly motivated, ____ must be high.;Answer;value added;reinforcement usage;instrumentality;equity;referent power;Question 28;Excessive speed is a major cause of road crashes in Australia. The Australian government is thinking of using cameras to catch speeders. According to reinforcement theory, Australian officials are using ____ to control speeding.;Answer;avoidance learning;expectancy modification;negative reinforcement;positive reinforcement;punishment;Question 29;According to Don Vlcek, a former Domino's Pizza vice president, "To achieve results, you've got to properly define the goal?and that's not always easy. Vague goals are worthless. But 'increase productivity by 12 percent within three weeks'?that is a clear, useful goal.? Vlcek is discussing ____.;Answer;performance feedback;goal congruity;goal specificity;goal difficulty;goal acceptance;Question 30;are the rewards associated with performing a task or activity for its own sake.;Answer;Extrinsic rewards;Intrinsic rewards;Motivational cues;Performance valences;Physiological rewards


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