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Describe at leasttwo benefits ofusing enterprise systems-Writing EASSY? Perfectly Done




Writing EASSY? Perfectly Done;1) Describe at leasttwo benefits ofusing enterprise systems;2) What are the business advantages of using voice over I P (Vol P) technology?;3) Describe the use of personalization and customization in e-commerce.What business value do these techniques have?;4) Describe MIS and DSS and differentiate between them.;Written Examination Instructions;Each Unit examination includes a written component.T;his assignment may bein the form of written examination questions,case studyproblems,or other types of questions that require problem-solvingsolutions.Thewrittenassignment affordsthestudentan opportunitytodemonstrate alevel of subjectmasterybeyond theobjectiveUnitExaminations,which reflects his/her abilityto analyze,synthesize,evaluate and apply his/her knowledge. The;comprehensive WrittenExamination materials are foundimmediatelyfollowing eachUnitExamination.;? Always include your name,student number andcoursenumber and titleon eachpageof yourWrittenExamination;(this is foryour protection incase your materials become separated).;? Begin each WrittenExamination by identifying the question number you are answering followed by the actual question;itself (in bold type).;? Use a standard essay format for response toall questions(i.e. four to five paragraphswith three to five sentencesper;paragraph,includinganintroduction,middle paragraphs,and conclusion).;? All responsesmust be typed double-spaced,using astandard font and 12 point type size for easeofreadingand;grading.;? All online responses must be submitted as aMS WordDocument file only.;?;?;? Responses should be nofewer than 750words and nomorthan1,000 words inlength.;? Always read your answers and prooffor content,misspellings,andgrammar.;? Carefully read and analyze each question. You mightconsiderstartingwith questions you feelmost;comfortableanswering.This will help you buildconfidence asyou develop your answers.;xi;Written Examination Instructions;Outline youransweras thiswillhelp you organize your;thoughtsand provide a framework for youressay response.;KeyPoint;Allwork must be freeofany form of plagiarism.Put answers;intoyour own words.Do not simply cutand pasteyour answers from;the Internet or Wikipedia and do not copy youranswers from the;textbook.Plagiarism consists of taking and usingthe ideas, writings;orInventions ofanotl-er.without giving creditto that person and;presentingIt as one's own.Thisis an offensethat the University takes;very seriously (seepage 18 ofthestudent handbook).Anexample;of a correctly prepared essayresponse maybe found byvisitingthe;StudentWeb Portal viaCoastConnection.;Completion of theWrittenExaminations allowsyou an opportunity to;demonstrate a morethoroughand comprehensive understanding of;the subject matter. Takeyour time. Be asthoroughand completeas;possible. ItIS ourhopeyou find these examinations to be a;stimulating and challenging addition to your learning.


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