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Creating a Class in Java with GUI controls




Create a class,, with the following GUI controls;- 3 drop-down lists.;list 1 will contain month names (January - December);list 2 will contain day numbers (1 -31);list 3 will contain year numbers (1900-2100);- 3 labels ("Month", "Day", "Year") that will be placed before the;corresponding drop-down list;- 1 noneditable text field;- 5 buttons titled "Set Date", "Increase Day", "Decrease Day", "Increase;Second", "Decrease Second;This classes no argument constructor will create a DateAndTime object from;assignment #5 and the GUI controls listed above. Additionally, it will have;button handlers for each button;- If the Set Date button is clicked, you should read the selections from the;month, day and year drop down lists and pass their values as parameters;to DateAndTime's setDate method. If the parameters are valid and setDate returns;true you should display the result of DateAndTime's toString() method in the;text field. Otherwise, you should display the message "Invalid Date" in the;text field.;- If the Increase Day or Decrease Day buttons are clicked, you should call;DateAndTime's increaseDay() or decreaseDay() methods and display the result of;DateAndTime's toString() method in the text field.;- If the Increase Second or Decrease Second buttons are clicked, you should;call DateAndTime's increaseSecond() or decreaseSecond() methods and display the;result of DateAndTime's toString() method in the text field.;Use the flow layout manager to arrange your controls. Each drop-down list and;its corresponding label should be on a separate line, the text field on a;separate line, and the buttons arranged at the bottom in one or two rows.;As usual, include general comments, comment each variable and method, and;format your code neatly. You should not make any changes to the TimeType or;DateAndTime classes from assignments 4 and 5.;Create your own (small) test client to test (and it's supporting;classes).


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