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1.;The biggest change that has occurred in security over the last 30 years has been the;change in the computing environment from small, tightly contained mainframes to a;highly widespread network of much larger systems.;A) True;B) False;2.;A successful attack on a network may adversely impact security in all the following ways;EXCEPT;A) Loss of confidentiality;B) Loss of integrity;C) Loss of functionality;D) Loss of availability;3.;As the level of sophistication of attacks has increased;A) The level of knowledge necessary to exploit vulnerabilities has increased;B) The level of knowledge necessary to exploit vulnerabilities has decreased;C) The level of skill necessary to exploit vulnerabilities has increased;D) The amount of exploit software available on the Internet has decreased;4.;The IDS fails to alert on an intruder's ping sweep and port scan. This is a failure of which;element of the operational model of computer security?;A) Protection;B) Prevention;C) Detection;D) Response;5.;places the focus on the security processes and the actual data.;A) Computer security;B) Network security;C) Information assurance;D) Communications security;6.;A company doing business online conducted all financial transactions over the Internet;without any encryption. As a result, customer information such as credit card numbers;expiration dates, and the security codes found on the back of the credit cards was stolen.;This is a violation of which policy?;A) Due diligence;B) Due process;C) Need to know;D) Acceptable usePoints Earned: 1.0/1.0;7.;is a set of elements that can lead to the specific identity of a person.;Correct Answer(s): Personally identifiable information (PII);8.;Which type of backup copies all files, but only since the last full backup?;A) Full;B) Differential;C) Incremental;D) Delta;9.;A(n) _______________ is a special mathematical function that performs a one-way;encryption.;10.;is the simple tactic of following closely behind a person who has just;used their own access card or PIN to gain physical access to a room or building.;11.;Which of the following is NOT an example of a poor security practice?;A) The user does not follow established security policies or processes.;B) A result of a lack of security policies, procedures or training within the user's;organization.;C) An employee does not allow a person he is talking to, to enter a secured area;behind him before showing proper credentials.;D) An employee creates on good password and then uses it for all accounts.;12.;Leaving sensitive information in a car is appropriate if the doors are locked and the files;are not in plain view.;A) True;B) False;13.;Cryptography can be used to protect confidentiality and integrity as well be used to;implement nonrepudiation, authentication, key escrow, digital signatures, and digital;rights management.;A) True;B) False;14.;The art of secret writing that enables an individual to hide the contents of a message from;all but the intended recipient is called;A) Steganography;B) Cryptanalysis;C) Cryptography;D) Key management;15.;puts the plaintext through a simplified cipher to try to deduce what the;key is likely to be in a full version of the cipher.;Correct Answer(s): Linear cryptanalysis;16.;is the PKI component that accepts a request for a digital certificate;and performs the necessary steps of registering and authenticating the person requesting;the certificate.;17.;What is a certificate repository?;A) A directory that calculates a message digest for the certificate;B) An entity that generates electronic credentials;C) A directory that requires a centralized infrastructure;D) A centralized directory in which the registered certificate is stored;18.;An in-house certificate authority is;A) A CA that is already established and being used by many individuals and;companies;B) A certificate authority that is maintained and controlled by the company that;C) implemented it;D) A CA that provides dedicated services, and possibly equipment, to an;individual company;E) A CA that provides more flexibility for companies;19.;The current version of S/MIME is version 2.;A) True;B) False;20.;What are the SSL and TLS used for?;A) A means of securing application programs on the system;B) To secure communication over the internet;C) A method to change from one form of PKI infrastructure to another;D) A secure way to reduce the amount of SPAM a system receives;21.;The _______________ protocol was introduced by Netscape as a means of providing;secure connections between the client and server for exchanging information.;22.;What kind of copy is a drive image?;A) Bit-by-bit copy;B) File-by-file copy;C) Partition copy;D) A copy of all images on the drive;23.;A mantrap is used to prevent piggybacking.;A) True;B) False;24.;One drawback to water-based fire suppression systems is that they;A) Can be toxic to humans;B) Can cause more damage to equipment;C) Are the most expensive type of suppression system;D) Are not useful against type A fires;25.;Which of the following is not a private IP address?;A);B);C);D);26.;Local packet delivery (where packets are delivered on a LAN) uses ________ addresses;to send packets.;27.;LAN and WAN networks can be connected.;A) True;B) False;28.;is/are computers in a network that host applications and data for;everyone to share.;A) Linux boxes;B) Servers;C) Firewalls;D) Cryptography;29.;Hubs are the most common device used for connecting computers on a local area;network.;A) True;B) False;30.;Preventing physical access to a server by an unauthorized individual is the;A) Responsibility of the CFO of an organization;B) Primary security concern for a system administrator;C) An organization's least important concern;D) Reason we implement firewalls;31.;Which type of access control would be used to grant permissions based on the duties that;must be performed?;A) Mandatory access control;B) Discretionary access control;C) Role-based access control;D) Rule-based access control;32.;authentication is a term that describes the use of more than one;authentication mechanism at the same time.;Correct Answer(s): Multifactor;33.;What does SSH stand for?;A) Simple Security Hardware;B) Secure Socket Help;C) Secure Shell;D) Scientifically Secure Hard Drive;34.;A new standard for sending packetized data traffic over radio waves in the unlicensed 2.4;GHz band is;A) WAP;B) WTLS;C) 802.11b;D) 804.11b;35.;protocol can support a wide variety of authentication methods and;also fits well into existing authentication systems like RADIUS.;36.;802.1x is not is not compatible with RADIUS or LDAP.;A) True;B) False


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