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Network Design Paper;Case;Acme Industries is a new company and is building two new offices. The headquarters will be located in New York and the field office will be located in Chicago. Your job is to use the equipment below and design a network that will provide connectivity at each location and between locations.;New York has;1 Cisco 2801 Router (2 Ethernet interfaces);2 Cisco 24 port 2960 switches;Chicagohas;1 Cisco 2801 Router (2 Ethernet interfaces);1 Cisco 24 port 2960 switches;The New York office will have 40 users and the Chicago office will have 10. Each site should have a dedicated VLAN for Human Resources.;The following topics should be addressed with your design;? WAN connection interface choice;? Using RFC 1918 private addresses, IP scheme and host choices;? Terminal emulation program choice;? Dedicated WAN connection or VPN choice;? Number of VLANs at each location;? Trunking method for VLANs passing between switches in New York;? Location of Layer 3 boundaries;? Methods of limiting access to the Human Resources network;? Choice of technology implemented to use multiple links between switches at the New York Site;? Number of networks in design;Please also include the CLI commands to configure the correct IP address information on each interface. Present your design in the form of a 5-6 page proposal. Explain your reasoning for each choice.;Diagram;Include at least one network diagram that clearly shows how your IP scheme is applied. This diagram should include IP addresses for all devices listed with enough remaining to accommodate users at each location.;? The diagram should be built with Microsoft Visio (available for free download for IT students through the MSDN Academic Alliance software portal: ? contact our helpdesk if you need your credentials).;? Cisco icons for creating diagrams can be obtained here:;Report Format;Usethe APA 6th edition formatting guidelines for the paper, title page, in-text citations, endnotes/footnotes, and the reference page.;? Our GEN Library offers APA formatting guides:;? Another good resource for APA is the Purdue Online Writing Center:


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