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What LabSim software-devry comp 129




(Syllabus Question) What materials are required for this course? Select all that apply.;A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC, 6th edition;CORRECT A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC, 7th edition;CORRECT A+ Essentials TestOut Software with Activation code;CORRECT A+ IT Technician TestOut Software with Activation code;CORRECT LabSim Comp 129 Bundle software product activation code;Question 2. Question;(Syllabus Question) You will need your Lab Simulation Software for your lab assignment in what week of the course?;Weeks 6 and 7 only;Starting in Week 1 and throughout the term so buy it early!;Weeks 4, 5, and 6 only;What LabSim software? We were not required to buy any of that stuff!;Question 3. Question;(Syllabus Question) This term, the quizzes are worth _______% of your final grade and the Final Exam is worth ______% of your final grade.;14%, 35%;10%, 30%;30%, 25.5%;28%, 25.5%;Question 4. Question;(Syllabus Question) Which weeks of the course have weekly quizzes, and how many points is each quiz?;Weeks 1 - 7, 40 points each;All weeks except Week 4, 20 points each;All weeks except Week 4, 40 point each;Weeks 1 - 7, 20 points each;Question 5. Question;(Syllabus Question) Each week contains two graded discussion topics. To get full credit for each week's discussions, you must contribute at least ______ quality posts to _______ topic.;3, either;3, each;6, either;6, each;Question 6. Question;(Syllabus Question) A high score for quality in the discussions is dependent upon behaviors such as _______ and _______.;agreeing with other students, posting relevant information;posting at least three times per topic, helping other students understand the material;providing additional information, helping other students understand the material;posting to each topic at least three times, elaborating on another student's thoughts;Question 7. Question;(Syllabus Question) Plagiarism is a violation of the Academic Integrity code of this institution. It is important that students fully cite any outside ideas, text, and visual aides they reference. The plagiarism policy applies to which of the following course activities?;Exams;Discussions;Assignments and Labs;All of the above


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