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IS340 Multiple Choice Questions




1. The ability to independently learn new technologies as they emerge and assess their impact on your work and life is called ________. (Points: 4);computer compatibility;computer assisted learning;computer programming;computer adaptation;computer fluency;2. Which of the following is part of an IS personnel's systems knowledge and skills? (Points: 4);business processes;alternative development methodologies;hardware platforms;application software;cabling and network interface cards;3. Information property focuses on ________. (Points: 4);the authenticity of information as well as responsibility for informational errors that harm people;information that has been encrypted by the owner to make it unaccessible to others;information a person or organization has the right to obtain about others;who owns information about individuals and how information can be sold and exchanged;information an individual should or should not have to reveal to others in the workplace;4. Outsourcing has seen a huge increase because of the ________. (Points: 4);increase in advertising costs;increase in decentralization;decrease in telecommunication costs;increase in the cost of raw materials;decrease in transportation costs;5. ________ is the use of locations closer to the home country in terms of geographical, political, linguistic, economic, or cultural distance. (Points: 4);Outsourcing;In-sourcing;Nearshoring;Onshoring;In-forming;6. Uploading enables individuals to ________. (Points: 4);access sensitive information on the Internet;copyright information available on the Internet;be producers of information instead of mere consumers;permanently remove information available on the Internet;save information found on the Internet onto their personal computers;7. A firm that enjoys high degree of global integration and local responsiveness is pursuing a(n) ________ strategy. (Points: 4);global;home-replication;transnational;multidomestic;international;8. Which of the following statements is true about firms pursuing a home-replication strategy? (Points: 4);They focus on their domestic customers' needs and wants and merely export their products to generate additional sales.;They attempt to achieve economies of scale by producing identical products in large quantities for a variety of different markets.;They leverage the flexibility offered by a decentralized organization while at the same time reaping economies of scale enjoyed by centralization.;They have a need to create integrated networks between the home office and the multiple local subsidiaries.;They develop products for the global market.;9. Scenario;Glasco Hardware Co. is a multinational firm that manufacturers hardware components for companies like Dell, Sony, and Toshiba. Glasco has seen steady growth for the past 3 years and cites its decision to start manufacturing firms in developing nations as the primary reason for its steady growth, even during recession.;Which of the following statements, if true, would imply that Glasco implements a multidomestic business strategy? (Points: 4);Glasco's top managers have a global view and look for the best approaches and people regardless of origin.;Glasco's top managers have the view that employees in the host country know the best work approaches and practices for running their business.;Glasco's top managers believe that the best work approaches and practices are those of the home country.;Glasco's top managers ignore others' values and customs and rigidly apply an attitude of "ours is better than theirs"to foreign cultures.;Glasco's top managers believe that people in foreign countries don't have the needed skills, expertise, knowledge, or experience to make the best business decisions.;10. Which of the following actions distinguish firms pursuing a transnational business strategy? (Points: 4);responding to global challenges and opportunities quickly;exerting strong control over its subsidiaries;standardizing product offerings to achieve economies of scale;responding to local challenges and opportunities quickly;striking a balance between centralization and decentralization;11. Tele'Wire, a mobile manufacturer, offers free connections to customers who buy its mobile phones. This cost of connection is actually included in the price of the mobile phone. Tele'Wire is pursuing a(n) ________ approach to applying freeconomics. (Points: 4);cross subsidies;advertising;zero marginal cost;freemium;gift economy;12. While pursuing a global business strategy, the ________ prohibit(s) the implementation of local strategies, and thus a global company cannot quickly react to local challenges and opportunities. (Points: 4);threat of new entrants into the market;increased bargaining power of suppliers;threat of substitute products from other industries;need to achieve economies of scale;increased bargaining power of customers;13. In ________ networks, servers and clients have defined roles. (Points: 4);server-to-peer;server-centric;client-centric;peer-to-peer;peer-centric;14. The operating system of a computer is an example of a(n) ________ software. (Points: 4);systems;peripheral;transitory;open source;application;15. Which of the following tasks is performed by the application software? (Points: 4);presenting information via a monitor;writing a business letter;saving data to a disk;printing documents;updating the system clock;16. The CPU interacts with ________ for permanently storing data. (Points: 4);primary storage;random-access memory;output technologies;secondary storage;volatile memory;17. Which of the following is true about the graphical Web browser Mosaic? (Points: 4);It made the tracking of IP addresses possible.;It allowed users to open and use more than one Web page simultaneously.;It is the basis of popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.;It initiated file sharing on the Web.;It provided users with references or links to other documents.;18. A(n) ________ is also referred to as the computer's brain. (Points: 4);random-access memory;read-only memory;microprocessor;operating system;application software;19. Which of the following types of computer software utilities monitors users' incoming e-mail messages and filters unwanted messages from arriving? (Points: 4);spam blockers;disk and data recovery;antivirus;data compression;spyware detection and removal;20. Which of the following statements is true of a bus network topology? (Points: 4);The configuration of bus networks facilitates easy diagnosis and isolation of network faults.;In a bus network, every computer and device is connected to every other computer and device.;A bus network has the most complex wiring layout.;Extending a bus network is more difficult to achieve than it is for other topologies.;A bus network topology enables all network nodes to receive the same message through the network cable at the same time.;21. Google's Linux-based operating system for mobile devices is known as ________. (Points: 4);Java;Bada;iOS;Android;Symbian;22. Which of the following programming languages allows programmers to easily add a command button to a screen with a few clicks of a mouse instead of programming the button pixel by pixel and using many lines of code? (Points: 4);Web development languages;scripting languages;visual programming languages;object-oriented languages;prototype-based programming languages;23. Which of the following is an example of presentation software? (Points: 4);Mozilla Thunderbird;Microsoft Excel;Apple Keynote;Lotus Notes;ACT!;24. Which of the following functions do scripting languages perform? (Points: 4);laying out or formatting Web pages;checking the accuracy of user-entered information on Web pages;automating or supporting activities throughout the information systems development process;developing applications in high-speed arcade graphics;creating animation and video that can be compressed small enough for fast download speeds;25. Which of the following input technologies has been historically used for entering text and numbers on computers? (Points: 4);scanner;optical mouse;graphics tablet;QWERTY keyboard;joystick


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