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BCIS 249 Word Unit F quiz




BCIS 249 Word Unit F quiz Name;Multiple Choice;Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.;B__ 1. How do you change an inline graphic to a floating graphic?;a.;Right-click the graphic and click ?Make Floating?.;b.;Apply text wrapping to the graphic.;c.;Move the graphic out of the paragraph in which it was inserted.;d.;Drag the graphic to a new location.;B__ 2. Which dialog box is used to adjust the format settings applied to graphic objects?;a.;Picture Options;c.;Format Graphic;b.;Format Picture;d.;Graphic Properties;C__ 3. You change a floating graphic to an inline graphic by changing the text wrapping style to;a.;Tight;c.;In Line with Text;b.;Square;d.;Through;D__4. When a graphic is selected, white circles and squares, called ____, appear on the sides and corners of the graphic.;a.;rotate handles;c.;adjustment handles;b.;anchors;d.;sizing handles;B___ 5. When a graphic is selected, a green ____ appears at the top of the graphic.;a.;sizing handle;c.;anchor;b.;rotate handle;d.;adjustment handle;C___ 6. Which of the following indicates that a graphic will move with the nearest paragraph when that paragraph is moved?;a.;Adjustment handles;c.;An anchor symbol;b.;Sizing handles;d.;A rotate handle;D__7. Which command in the Adjust group lets you alter the difference between a picture?s darkest and lightest areas?;a.;Color;c.;Artistic Effects;b.;Corrections;d.;Picture Effects;C__ 8. Which command in the Adjust group lets you recolor a picture to give it a stylized effect, such as sepia tone or grayscale?;a.;Color;c.;Artistic Effects;b.;Corrections;d.;Picture Effects;C__ 9. Deselect the ____ check box if you want to change the proportions of a graphic.;a.;Keep proportions;c.;Lock aspect ratio;b.;Lock proportions;d.;Lock scale ratio;A___10. Which of the following resizing methods lets you change a graphic?s proportions?;a.;Dragging a corner sizing handle.;b.;Dragging a side, top, or bottom sizing handle.;c.;Pressing [Shift][Ctrl] and dragging a corner sizing handle.;d.;Changing the scale of a graphic.;D___11. Which of the following resizing methods lets you see how the graphic looks as you modify it?;a.;Entering an exact height or width in the text boxes in the Size group on the Picture Tools Format tab.;b.;Changing the scale of the graphic using the Size tab in the Layout dialog box.;c.;Changing the scale of the graphic using the tools on the Picture Tools Format tab.;d.;Dragging a sizing handle.;D__12. When you press [Shift][Ctrl] while dragging a corner sizing handle on a graphic, the graphic is ____.;a.;resized proportionally;b.;re-positioned diagonally;c.;resized diagonally while changing proportionally;d.;resized diagonally while keeping the center position fixed and maintaining its proportions;A__13. How do you resize a graphic object horizontally while keeping the center position fixed?;a.;Press [Ctrl] and drag a side sizing handle.;b.;Drag a side sizing handle.;c.;Press [Shift] and drag a side sizing handle.;d.;Press [Alt] and drag a side sizing handle.;C__14. When you drag a sizing handle, ____ indicate(s) the size and shape of the graphic.;a.;a border;b.;a solid image;c.;a transparent image;d.;dotted gridlines;B__15. After clicking the Crop button, ____ (solid black lines) appear on all four corners and sides of the graphic.;a.;Resize handles;c.;Cropping guidelines;b.;Cropping handles;d.;Adjustment handles;B__16. Use the ____ button in the Adjust group to replace the current picture with another picture while preserving the formatting and size of the current picture.;a.;Replace Picture;c.;Different Picture;b.;Change Picture;d.;Change Graphic;A__17. Which of the following can you press to move an object in small increments?;a.;[Up Arrow];c.;[Tab];b.;[Shift][Tab];d.;[Spacebar];B__18. The Position tab, in the ____ dialog box, allows you to specify an exact position for a graphic relative to some aspect of the document, such as a margin, column, or paragraph.;a.;Text Wrapping;c.;Format Picture;b.;Layout;d.;Page Setup;D__19. Moving an inline graphic using the ____ button is a fast way to make it a floating graphic and position it so it is centered or aligned with the margins.;a.;Text Wrapping;c.;Move;b.;Relocate;d.;Position;B___20. Which of the following is NOT a way to move a floating graphic?;a.;Select the graphic, then press an arrow key.;b.;Select the graphic, then press [Tab].;c.;Set an exact location for the graphic using the Position command.;d.;Select the graphic, then drag it with the mouse.;C__21. To remove all or part of a background, click the Remove Background button in the ____ group on the Picture Tools Format tab.;a.;Size;c.;Adjust;b.;Picture Styles;d.;Arrange;A__22. To force text to flow automatically from one text box to another, click the ____ button in the Text group on the Drawing Tools Format tab.;a.;Text Wrapping;c.;Create Link;b.;Text Flow;d.;Link Text;A___23. You create WordArt using the WordArt button in the ____ group on the Insert tab.;a.;Text;c.;Graphics;b.;Illustrations;d.;Picture;B__24. ____ a word selects the entire paragraph, including the paragraph mark.;a.;Left-clicking;c.;Double-clicking;b.;Triple-clicking;d.;Right-clicking;B__25. Use the ____ dialog box to change the fill colors and effects of a selected WordArt object.;a.;Format Picture;c.;Format Shape;b.;Format WordArt;d.;Format Text Effects;C__26. You can drag a(n) ____ to modify the shape, but not the size, of a drawing object.;a.;Rotate handle;c.;Adjustment handle;b.;Sizing handle;d.;Cropping handle;B___27. A ____ is a workspace for creating your own graphics.;a.;drawing board;c.;graphics board;b.;drawing canvas;d.;graphics canvas;A__28. Use the Chart button in the ____ group on the Insert tab to create a chart.;a.;Illustrations;c.;Text;b.;Tables;d.;Diagram;C__29. Which item in the accompanying figure includes tools to add a title or legend to the chart?;a.;1;c.;5;b.;4;d.;6;B___30. Which of the following is NOT shown in the accompanying figure?;a.;A chart object;c.;The Chart Tools Design tab;b.;A chart title;d.;The chart legend


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