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devry CIS246 week 5 to week 7 discussions




Week 5 discussion;Week 5 discussion;Wireless Networks (graded);Today, wireless transmission media are commonplace in business as well as residential applications, and their application is growing. This week, we will learn about wireless technology by starting with the fundamentals. How are wireless signals carried? What are the obstacles to successful transmissions and their repercussions? What standards govern wireless transmissions? How do we secure our wireless networks?;VoIP (graded);Traditionally, packet-switched networks carried primarily data and the public switched telephone network (PSTN) carried telephone calls and fax transmissions. Convergence is the use of one network to carry data, voice, and video communications simultaneously. Let?s begin this discussion by identifying and discussing key terms such as IP telephony or VoIP, VoATM, VoDSL, Internet telephony, FoIP, and video over IP.;Week 6 discussion;Network Security (graded);In this topic please discuss security measures you see in everyday life that you could adopt in a network environment. You can also include security implementations of places you have worked.;Network Integrity and Availability (graded);In this topic, we will discuss measures that can be taken to ensure that a network?s programs, data, services, devices, and connections are sound and protected from anything that might render them unusable. What situations can compromise integrity and availability and what, specifically, can we do to protect our networks?;week 7 discussions;Using a WAN (graded);Find WAN organizations (ISPs) that will connect you to the Internet or connect your offices. What services do they offer? What costs are involved?;Linux and Windows Integration (graded);What are some ways you could integrate Linux servers into a Windows network to share information? What would be the advantages and disadvantages? Feel free to get into the details of Samba, which is covered in the lab. Are there any other products out there? You can get creative on this one. You could also offer scenarios for FTP, Web, or even Telnet.


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