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prospective investor;Answer all the questions with at least one paragraph per question.;1.As a prospective investor, you write to Toyota, a Japanese automaker, and ask for a copy of its most recent annual report. You receive a beautiful and thorough report in English and in U.S. dollars. You are delighted that Toyota makes its report so investor friendly. Why must you be careful as you proceed with your analysis?;2.The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cares about the use of arm?s-length transfer prices. What? Is the U.S. the only country that monitors transfer prices of imports and exports?;3.You are the CFO (chief financial officer) of an MNC headquartered in the United Kingdom. You are thinking about how convoluted the issues are that influence the international performance evaluation of your subsidiaries and their managers. Make a list of the issues and be ready to discuss them.;4.What are the problems when an MNC tries to establish a uniform system of reporting for its worldwide operations? How can these problems be solved?;5.Compare and contrast the role of transfer pricing in a domestic versus a multinational corporation.


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