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calculation in a word or excel document, AND summa...




calculation in a word or excel document, AND summarize in the text of your conference post the person you used for your analysis, the value you arrived at through your calculations, and your opinion of the accuracy/relevance/appropriateness of the calculations. Do you think they are representative of the value actually provided by this person? What other factors might come into play that would impact this type of calculation?,Select person (yourself, someone in your family, or another person you know well) Provide key data that you and the ?trier of fact? would need to know to understand your calculations ? e.g., name, gender, age, occupation, family situation, etc. Use the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) American Time Use Survey (ATUS): to determine the activities and percentages of time that you should use to conduct the calculations. There are many tables for different groupings of people ? single, single parent, married with children under 18, etc. Be sure to select the correct one for your circumstances. If you feel that the tables are not accurate for your situation, feel free to use your own percentages, but defend them in your answer. Prepare a table to show each of the components you have selected and the percentages of time allocated for which you want to calculate damages due to lost services. Be sure to accurately detail all of the activities that truly represent household activities that would not be done if you (or the person you are profiling) could not do them ? i.e. not just cooking and shopping. Use a footnote the table you are preparing for this assignment to show which databases/tables you used to arrive at your allocation of time. Determine the replacement cost for each activity that the household has lost due to the injury or death of the subject. In other words, how much would the family or the estate have to pay in the open market to replace the household services that were previously provided by the injured or deceased person? You only need to calculate one year of lost services ? not the entire lifetime. Add a column to your table to show the rates and calculations you are using for each component identified in #4 above. Some of the databases you can use to determine the replacement cost (calculate and use hourly wages) include the following. Be sure to indicate in a footnote to the table which database you used.


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