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BANKING ECON 430 QUIZ 3;University of Maryland University College;MONEY & BANKING ECON 430;Fall 2014;QUIZ 3;(Use multiple paragraphs when needed.);#1: Explain Monetarism.;#2: What is the Taylor Rule and why is it important to this field of study?;#3: What is the Lucas critique?;#4 Explain the Gold Exchange System of the Bretton Woods era.;#5 What are the short run determinants of exchange rates?;#6 What happens when central banks buy international reserves?;#7 How has China (purportedly) enhanced her export base?;#8 What is dollarization and why is it important to developing countries?;#9 Explain Fiscal and Monetary Policy using the IS-LM model.;#10 Use the Quantity Theory of Money to explain a macroeconomic case of inflation.;Keynes & the Keynesians;Keynesian Economics held sway in many countries for several decades in the 20th century. It remains influential. The Monetarists, too, have been quite influential per monetary policy over the past several decades. Which is correct? If you were the leading banker, which position would you lean towards the most? (Research is highly encouraged.);Your primary post should be roughly 400 words and must be properly cited.;Two replies to the primary posts of others is required to be eligible for passing credit.;Please post your Primary Essay by midnight SATURDAY to encourage discussion.;M1, M2, 10-Year Treasury Note Yield Exercise;You will need to track M1 and M2 from the Federal Reserve website and submit a chart for each on the last day of week 6.;For the 10-Year Treasury Note yield (in percentages), you will need to track this using the Wall Street Journal's website,, or (these sites are available through the UMUC library).;You will be responsible for providing a trend analysis of your findings in at least a paragraph that accompanies each of your three charts.;Please provide at least THREE weeks of data (weeks 4-5-6 of the class should suffice) in your report.


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