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Legal Process in Canada




Legal Process in Canada;Instructions for the Research Paper;General The research paper, which can be written either alone or with a partner, must be between 12 and 15 pages long (excluding the bibliography), typed and double-spaced. The research paper is due in class on November 25 and an electronic copy must also be submitted to as proof of submission and to prevent plagiarism (Class ID: 8482416 / Enrolment password: 45214). Late papers will be assigned a penalty of 5% per day including weekends.;Topic The paper will deal with an aspect of the Legal Process in Canada. Though the choice of research topic is open, it is strongly suggested for students to have their topics approved by the Professor. Here are some research paper topic suggestions;? The role of the courts in a particular area of the law (e.g.: federalism, healthcare, environment, women's issues);? Judicial Reform (court structure, judicial selection);? Access to Justice;? Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms;? Testing the application of law theories in particular areas of the law or the judicial process (Natural Law Theory, Legal Positivism, Legal Realism, Critical Legal Studies).;? The relationship between courts and legislatures;Documentary sources needed;A good research paper will make a substantive use of at least eight different scholarly sources that are not required readings for the course. Acceptable scholarly sources include peer-reviewed journal articles, books published by university presses or peer-reviewed presses, as well as chapters in edited volumes. Newspaper and magazine articles, Internet sites, governmental publications and other primary sources, as well as course lectures do not count as scholarly sources but may be used to supplement the research paper's argument. Students are also encouraged to draw connections between their research topic and the material seen in class.;Citation Style;Students may use the citation style of their choice as long as the citations are consistent. A good citation style guide to follow is the Canadian Journal of Political Science one; Style Guidelines 2008.pdf Page 2 of 2;Grading Criteria Analytical Rigour;? Clarity of argument ? Consideration of counterarguments ? Perceptive analysis ? Insightful connections between ideas;Essay Mechanics;? Clear research question and thesis statement ? Structure of essay clear and logical ? Introduction and conclusion;Sentence Mechanics;? Well-constructed sentences ? Concise, flowing prose ? Avoids overly long sentences or excessive verbosity ? Well proof-read;Scholarship;? Argument supported by appropriate sources ? Effective use of quotes and illustrative examples ? Quality of research;Miscellaneous;? Proper citation of sources ? Meets purposes of assignment


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