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Article Review 4 Trends in Non-store Retailing




Article Review 4 Trends in Non-store Retailing;Article Review #4: Trends in Non-store Retailing;Find an appropriate article on the Internet which relates to this week's topic - Trends in Non-Store Retailing. The article can be from any bonefide online business/marketing source. It does not have to be from an academic journal. Articles about trends in direct selling, event marketing or vending will be the prime focus.;DO NOT review an article with a theme of online marketing. We cover eCommerce in many other places within the course, so do NOT use non-store retailing topic here.;Read the article and then write a one-page summary of the article, written in Microsoft Word using 12-point font. Follow this format;Name of the Article;Name of the source and include the Website's address (URL);Author and Date of the article (must be less than one year old);Approximately 50% of the paper content should be article summary;Approximately 50% of the paper content should be how it applies to this class


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