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The play Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca




The play Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca;Read the play "Blood Wedding" by Federico Garcia Lorca. Answer 3 of the following questions of your choosing. You must use quotes from the play, providing examples of your opinions. You must also provide in text citations in MLA format, and a works cited page.;;The 3 answers must be a minimum of 200 words together.;Choose 3 of the following.;1. This play was written at a time of upheaval in Spain, and directly before the Spanish Civil War. How does Lorca convey these issues through the setting? characters? plot?;2. Lorca writes from a place of deep passion for the under class, unrequited love, and a love for Andalusia, his home in southern Spain. How does he reflect all of these passions in the play?;3. Discuss the relationship between the mother and her son. Where do you see conflict?;4. In Act III how do the wood cutters, veiled woman beggar, and animate moon add to the tone of the play? Who is the veiled woman beggar?;5. Because Lorca is first, and foremost, a poet- discuss metaphor, simile and rhyme in the play.;6. Give a character sketch of each major character and discuss their intertwined relationships.;7. Discuss vendetta in the play. Who has a vendetta? What is the result?


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