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Assignment 1 Financial Research Report




Assignment 1 Financial Research Report;Requirement for Paper are as follows;- Start with overview of the company, 1-2 pages, talk about "top Down Approach", macro economics - GDP, an unemployment, size,sales and number of employees.;- You're a Stock Analyst for a Top 500 Company (Yahoo Finance);- Need Balance Sheet & Income Statement for the last 3 years;- Industry and its competitors;- EIC Economy Industry Company;- Ratio analysis "Time Trend Analysis" over last 3 years 2011/2012/2013;(1) Current Ratio = CA /CL;(2) Current Ratio = CA - Inventory /CL;(3) Times Interest Earned Rate = EBIT/I;(4) Profit Margin = NI/Sales;(5) ROA = NI/TA;(6) ROE = NI/Equity;(7) EPS = NI/ # of sales;Conclusion - Should you Buy or sell the stock of the company and why???;Reference and cites are required.


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