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Discussion Cultural Differences




Discussion Cultural Differences;Assignment 3.2: Discussion: Pressure in Brazil;In this Forum discussion, you will explore further the impact of culture on a market entry situation and international business interactions in one of the top 10 global economies, that of Brazil.;Procedure;1.Please read the country background on Brazil as outlined in the CIA World Factbook.;2.Then read the short case ?The Pressure's On,? the first case in Brazilians working with Americans: Cultural case studies. (The case switches between English and Portuguese ? just read the English.) [Jones e-global library?: Ebrary];3.Look up where Brazil and the U.S. fall on the Hofstede scores.;4.Answer the following questions;a.Which behaviors and perceptions in the case seem to be indicative of specific cultural dimensions of the U.S. and Brazilian business people, respectively? Please provide examples.;b.How has culture influenced information gathering for market entry in this case? Which cultural dimensions seem to play a role? Which situational factors play a role that might not be due to culture?;c.What lessons can be learned from this case for your course project, or applied to your present professional situation?


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