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Case Analysis The Coca-Cola Company in Japan




Case Analysis The Coca-Cola Company in Japan;Assignment 3.1: Case Analysis: The Coca-Cola Company in Japan;As we have seen in Module 3, the influence of culture on customers is sometimes surprising and not necessarily obvious on the surface. The following case offers a good example of how the Japanese cultural environment shapes the action of the iconic U.S.-American Coca-Cola Company. This is also an example of the competitive challenges faced in a mature market.;Procedure;1.Go to the Student Companion Site for Global Marketing Management (text).;2.On the left, click on Web Cases, and then click on Cases in the center of the screen to download the cases provided with the textbook in a WinZip file. (Note: If you do not have WinZip, you can download it free.);3.Unzip the case studies and then access Case 8, ?The Coca-Cola Company in Japan.? (Note: The cases are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it free.);4.Read the case carefully.;5.In the Forum, please comment on the following (by Wednesday);a.How did U.S. and Japanese customers, respectively, respond to changes in product offerings? Which cultural factors might have been at play?;b.Which new insights about your own and/or the Japanese culture have you gained? Please name two or more.;c.Please read your peers' submissions and make at least one substantive comment to a posting. Respond to questions or comments by your peers and faculty.;6.In an MS Word document, answer the following questions;a.How have the United States and the Japanese cultures affected operations in each country? (Please use the information provided in the case and draw on the textbook readings.);b.What does Coca-Cola, in the face of increasing competition, need to do next to defend its position in Japan?


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