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Davenport BUSN650 week 2 Journal




Previous item Page 8 of 8;In the fast paced environment of business, we seldom have the time to step back and reflect on what we have learned which is an important element in learning. For the weeks 3, 4 & 5 you will complete a journal addressing these two areas;1. Group process: Address what is working well in your group, what isn?t, and what changes can be made to improve the communication, synergy, or overall effectiveness of working in small groups as a MBA student. With what you are experiencing first-hand about groups, what can you apply to being a better leader/team player in the business setting.;2. Statistics: What are you struggling with as it pertains to writing/testing hypotheses? How can you use this information to help complete your research project for this course? Also think about how you can hypothesis testing professionally?;Your journal should be at least two paragraphs addressing each of these areas to receive full credit.


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