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From the e-Activity, choose a company that sells a service or a product. Evaluate its supply chain performance effectiveness in terms of responsiveness, technology, and customer-related measures.;?Determine at least three areas of effectiveness and three areas of deficiencies that can impact the competitive position of the company you chose in Part 1 of this discussion. Suggest ways the deficiencies can be improved. Provide at least two examples to support your answer;From the second case study, determine the challenges faced by the Help Desk at BankUSA and suggest strategies to mitigate them.;?Using the data on call volume in the case, select a forecasting model to forecast the short-term demand. Justify why this model was selected over other forecasting models. Support your position.;From the first e-Activity, examine the best practices found in the video on inventory management.;?From the second e-Activity, choose two service companies that manage inventory and compare and contrast their inventory management systems.;?Based on your evaluation of both inventory management systems from Part 2 of this discussion, propose suggestions to management that would ultimately lead to improve operations.;?Compare and contrast the operational and managerial impacts of the aggregate planning decisions in terms of customer satisfaction.;From the e-Activity, analyze the importance of production planning and scheduling within an organization. Evaluate a bad experience you have had with an appointment from both perspectives of the customer (you) and the organization due to inefficient planning and scheduling.;From the case study, suggest short-term recommendations for the set of six jobs at the company. Support your recommendations.;?From the case study, evaluate the efficiency of Balloons Aloha?s sequencing system. Provide long-term recommendations with respect to sequencing jobs at the company. Support your recommendations.;Select two fast food restaurants and evaluate them in terms of service quality. Suggest ways to improve the service quality.;?Evaluate the two fast-food restaurants you selected in Part 1 of this discussion in terms of the ?Seven QC tools?. Determine the top three QC tools that tend to be most valuable to business owners. Explain your rationale.;?Analyze the experience you provided in Part 1 of this discussion from a technical perspective and an intangible perspective. Suggest ways the schedules could have been created more efficient and effective.;Compare and contrast ISO900:2000 and Six Sigma in terms of their differences and similarities.;?From the e-Activity, select one organization that has achieved Six Sigma certification. Then, discuss the benefits and results that the organization has achieved as a result of following the quality standards inherent in Six Sigma certification. Explain how these standards help this organization pursue continuous improvement.;Evaluate different operations management principles and techniques that can make businesses more profitable today.;?Select one service company of your choice and discuss at least three operations management challenges the company is facing.;?Suggest ways to confront the challenges and provide suggestions that can untimely improve sustainability in its value chain.;Describe a customer experience you have personally encountered where the goods or service or both were unsatisfactory (such as defective products, mistakes, poor service, and so on).;?Suggest ways for the organization to improve its goods / service. Determine the element(s) of operations management that must be reevaluated.


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