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CSU MBA6301 Unit IV assessment




Unit IV assessment;Question 1;25 out of 25 points;Correct;Discuss the concept of environmental sustainability. Discuss the challenges to sustainability faced by developed, emerging, and survival economies. Do you think the ?green? movement is a fad, or is it here to stay?;Question 2;25 out of 25 points;Correct;What part should the government take in ensuring that corporations are environmentally ?friendly?? Fully discuss your answer.;Question 3;21 out of 25 points;Partial Credit;Assume you are the ethics officer for a waste management company. The CEO has asked you for a memorandum addressing the major concerns the company should consider with regard to the environment. Create the memorandum.;Question 4;21 out of 25 points;Partial Credit;What types of ethical issues are faced by those in the field of health care? What is the role of ethics in health care? Why are codes of ethics particularly important in the health care field? Why do you think the doctor-patient relationship is discussed in our textbook as an ethical issue?


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