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FastPro Corp. is a moderately sized manufacturing firm with approx. $2 million in current




FastPro Corp. is a moderately sized manufacturing firm with approx. $2 million in current;annual revenues. The firm has been growing at a 24% CAGR over the past 4 years, and is;expecting to continue that rate for the next 4 years. The firms Income Statement has been;solid and it is profitable.;Before investing in this firm, do you have any reservations about the firm and are there any;specific issues would you want to clarify?;Problem #2;The Federal Government is contemplating adding a surcharge to the federal fuel;gasoline;taxes. How would that change influence your outlook for the;a. Trucking industry;b. Grocery stores;c. On-Line Education providers;Please be specific with your assessments and clarify the why of your conclusions.;Problem #3;What is the most important benefit of the E-I-F, Industry Life-Cycle, Customer Life-Cycle, and;Porter 5-Factor Models?;Problem #4;Eastern Optical is new firm in the newly emerging tunable laser industry. Early response to the;industry has been encouraging and many new firms are entering and introducing new super;high technology innovations.;Before investing in Eastern Optical prepare an evaluation and assessment of the key issues you;would want to understand.;Problem #5;Daves Healthy Restaurant has approached your firm for a $400,000 investment to fund the;expansion of their very successful restaurant concept. The funds will be used to add two more;restaurants. Daves has pioneered healthy foods dining in their area and is the only firm offering;such fare. The restaurant area is suburban and somewhat isolated, with only 12 other;restaurants in the general area.;Because of the nature of the area, there are very few foods suppliers available for servicing the;restaurants. This is especially more critical for Daves, which relies on a narrower, healthy food;product line. However, they have a distributor / supplier that is well known for their quality and;reliability.;What issues are necessary to evaluate before making the investment, what is your assessment;of the situation, and would you recommend the investment?;View Full Attachment;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 3;Max Pages: 10;Level of Detail: Show all work


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