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Ethical Considerations in Global Expansion;Overview;In Unit 1 you formed a team and started the process of company growth. Part of this;team formation was to create a values profile. In week 2 one task that your team will;face is to analyze growth opportunities for expansion. There are several factors that will;impact your decision making, ?Total demand in any quarter will be determined by (1) the;market?s sales potential, (2) the seasonal and economic conditions of the global;economy, and (3) the nature and extent of competition? (Cadotte & Bruce, 2003, p.3).;Another consideration is one of ethics, do your company values support the expansion;choices you will be making? Decision making tied to ethics and values may not be easy;but can be advantageous. McMurrian and Matulich (2006) cite Ferrell ?These;advantages include higher levels of efficiency in operations, higher levels of;commitment and loyalty from employees, higher levels of perceived product quality;higher levels of customer loyalty and retention, and better financial performance (Ferrell;2004)? (p.11).;As part of the management team, you will need to be in consensus on expansion;plans and will be using your values as one filter to make your final decision.;Requirements;In a 4-6 page APA formatted paper excluding title page, reference page, abstracts;diagrams, and other visual/oral aids as appropriate, you will;? Discuss the challenges of values based business decision making ethics in the;current marketplace.;? Research all four markets that you can expand into and assess the current social;and political climate of each.;? Pick three that are the best fit for you based on the comparison to company;values.;? Create recommendations that include a detailed rationale for your three choices.;By Tuesday night: Submit your analysis (individual paper) to the Dropbox. Unit 1 [GB601 | MBA Capstone];2;Sunday through Tuesday;? Share your Individual Assignment results with your team.;? Finalize your expansion plans as a team.;References;Cadotte, Ernest R. and Harry J. Bruce, The Management of Strategy in The;Marketplace, South-Western College Publishing, Cincinnati, 2003.;McMurrian, R. C., & Matulich, E. (2006). Building Customer Value and Profitability with;Business Ethics. Journal of Business & Economics Research, 4 (11), 11-18.;Rubric;Item Point Value;Assignment Content;? Challenges of values based business decision;making in the current marketplace 20;? Research of all four markets that are considered;expansion opportunities and assessment of the;current social and political climate of each;20;? Comparison to the company values 20;? Quality of Recommendations 20;General Writing and APA Compliance 20;Total 100;Preview your Unit 6 Portfolio Assignment;The purpose of the Portfolio is to leverage your education accomplishments in pursuit of;career goals. You will build an inventory of school assignments that hig


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