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Kaplan MT400 unit 5 quiz




Question 1.1.Which of the following risk does not belong in the Innovate phase?;(Points: 2);The process does not match the strategy of the organization;The organization is too ambitious in solutions generated;Solutions generated are not feasible;Too many revision options are selected;Question 2.2.Which of the following is not an innovation technique?;(Points: 2);Combination;Discovery;Tantalization;Synchronization;Question 3.3.Which of the following steps should be used to create involvement and gather ideas?;(Points: 2);Executive kick-off workshop;Internal mobilization;Future process metric projection;Simulation;Question 4.4.Which of the following activities is not related to innovation?;(Points: 2);Role playing;Forecasting;Demonstration;Brainstorming;Question 5.5.Process gap analysis does not include which of the following?;(Points: 2);People skills evaluation;Process issues;Relevant metrics;Required changes


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