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Kaplan MT400 unit 4 quiz




Which of the following is not true about quick wins?;(Points: 2);Quick wins can help the project become self-funding.;Quick wins should be suggested by front line employees.;Quick wins do not need approval so they can be executed quickly.;Quick wins must be validated to ensure feasible implementation.;Question 2.2.The reasons to complete a metric analysis do not include which of the following?;(Points: 2);Provide an analytical view of the organization;Aid in the prioritization of the processes;Identify poorly performing employees;Allow benchmarking of process;Question 3.3.The Understand phase accomplishes all of the following except;(Points: 2);Ensure a common understanding of the facts;Develop solutions for fixing deficiencies;Obtain key metrics for establishing baselines;Determine whether improvement is possible or necessary;Question 4.4.Process modeling does not accomplish which of the following;(Points: 2);Create a map to which all employees must adhere;Demonstrate the shortcomings of the current situation;Create a common understanding of the process;Produce models that can be used as documentation;Question 5.5.The Understand phase report should include all of the following except;(Points: 2);Purpose of this phase;List of stakeholders;Identified issues and causes;Proposed solutions


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