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davenport BUSN520 week 4 assignment




The purpose of this assignment is to develop and demonstrate your ability to analyze a current event, utilizing a valid analysis framework.;Find (online) a news article about an organization or a product or a service that discusses a marketing issue. The date of the online news article must be from within the last 3 months. There can be no duplicate topics for this Forum Question.;Is the article/report about a new product launch? Is the organization revamping a current product? Does the article report on a marketing attempt gone bad? Has a product been an unexpected success without proper distribution plans (is it back ordered, in short supply)? Etc.;Your 4 to 6 page paper can be about any type of current marketing issue - as long as it relates to marketing. Part of the task of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of a "what makes this a marketing issue" (versus a management, etc.).;? Give us a synopsis about the marketing issue.;? What makes you sure this is a marketing issue? (Be specific with your reasoning);? What macroenvironmental issues led to the current situation?;? Do you predict recovery (if a negative) or success (if a new launch or revamping of a current product)?;? Based on what you've learned, is the organization handling this marketing issue appropriately?;Present your analysis in APA format.


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