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I Am Qualified, Why Not Me?




I Am Qualified, Why Not Me?;Five years ago, when Bobby Bret joined Crystal Productions as a junior accountant, he felt;that he was on his way up. He had just graduated with a B+ average from college, where he;was well liked by his peers and by the faculty and had been an officer in several student;organizations. Bobby had shown a natural ability to get along with people as well as to get;things done. He remembered what Roger Friedman, the controller at Crystal, had told him;when he was hired: ?I think you will do well here, Bobby. You?ve come highly;recommended. You are the kind of guy that can expect to move right on up the ladder.?;Bobby felt that he had done a good job at Crystal, and everybody seemed to like him.;In addition, his performance appraisals had been excellent. However, after five years he was;still a junior accountant. He had applied for two senior accountant positions that had come;open, but they were both filled by people hired from outside the firm. When the accounting;supervisor?s job came open two years ago, Bobby had not applied. He was surprised when;his new boss turned out to be a hotshot graduate of State University whose only experience;was three years with a large accounting firm. Bobby had hoped that Ron Greene, a senior;accountant he particularly respected, would get the job.;On the fifth anniversary of his employment at Crystal, Bobby decided it was time;to do something. He made an appointment with the controller. At that meeting Bobby;explained to Mr. Friedman that he had worked hard to obtain a promotion and shared his;frustration about having been in the same job for so long. ?Well,? said Mr. Friedman;?you don?t think that you were all that much better qualified than the people that we have;hired, do you?? ?No,? said Bobby, ?but, I think I could have handled the senior;accountant job. Of course, the people you have hired are doing a great job too.? The;controller responded, ?We just look at the qualifications of all the applicants for each job;and considering everything, try to make a reasonable decision.?;QUESTIONS;1.;Do you believe that Bobby has a legitimate complaint? Explain.;2.;Explain the impact of a promotion-from-within policy on outside recruitment.


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