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take a look at each of the operational areas of your current or intended business,




Your task is to take a look at each of the operational areas of your current or intended business, and determine what financial information you will have to acquire in order to make adequate planning decisions. The financial information will be collected through ratio analysis.;Some businesses have intensive ratio analysis and others will have limited ratio analysis. Use the ratios that apply to your selected business. If you are presenting on an existing business, you will have most of the ratios listed in your textbook. If you are working on a new business venture, your ratio analysis may be limited to only the Income statement. In either case, common size financial statements should be presented.;Calculate the applicable ratios for each year and provide substantial explanation of any trends from prior years, industry competitors, or other similar benchmarks. Use trend analysis or compare your projections to available industry benchmarks that you find on the Internet. Your project plan may be better suited to a capital budgeting type of analysis that includes a detailed NPV calculation. How you choose you analyze your company is up to you, however, you must incorporate substantial analysis and textual comment in this assignment. The goal is to analyze the projections you provided in accounting for the benefit of an analyst that might review your package at the bank, or investor review process. Complete your report with a detailed analysis of the financial risks as you see them. Finish your financial management section by identifying the risks that are apparent with your financial projections.;Helpful questions for getting started;How critical is cash flow to the business you are profiling?;Should you expand your current or potential business at this time? How about in the medium term or long term?;You may decide to pursue expanding your business, but how do you determine whether your cash flow and assets are sufficiently robust to bankroll it?;If you decide to pursue outside investment or financing, what financial data will you need to provide to venture capitalists or investors?;What are the ratios you need to calculate for your existing or new enterprise? Where can you obtain the financial data that will form the basis for your calculations? What benchmarks will you use and how will your detail the differences?;Taken together with your P&L statement (or other financial reports) from Accounting for Business Management, how does your financial analysis stand up to scrutiny?


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