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The difference between a dry run and a pilot program is




The experiential learning model begins with;Answer;A lecturette;Practice;A shared experience;None of the above;4 points;Question 2;1.;The difference between a dry run and a pilot program is;Answer;trainees are at the pilot program to be trained.;the dry run is always the whole training program whereas the pilot does not have to be.;a pilot is a "first test" whereas the dry run is the "second test.;the main objective of the dry run is to provide trainees with relevant training whereas the pilot program is concerned only with the effectiveness of training.;all of the above.;4 points;Question 3;1.;Which of the following is not listed in the text as a way to obtain and maintain trainees' interest?;Answer;Listening and questioning;Use of non verbal communication;Moving around while talking;Providing instructions;All of the above are ways to obtain interest;4 points;Question 4;1.;The "process" for the developmental phase of the training model is;Answer;Instructional strategy.;Instructional methods;Instructional equipment and material.;All of the above.;4 points;Question 5;1.;Which of the following seating arrangements is most likely to induce two way communication?;Answer;The classroom;The conference;The u shape;The circle;All of the above;4 points;Question 6;1.;What is the least expensive and best alternative if you only have a few employees to be trained?;Answer;Hiring a consultant;Purchasing a pre packaged program;Implementing and designing your own training program;Sending trainees to outside seminars;Waiting until you have enough employees who require training, then hiring a consultant;4 points;Question 7;1.;The experiential learning model, a process for using games and exercises in training, has _____steps.;Answer;three;four;five;eight;4 points;Question 8;1.;Which of the following would be a characteristic of an ideal training room?;Answer;The colors of the walls should be bright and cheerful.;A rectangular room is preferred.;A room with no windows is preferable.;Hardwood floors are preferable.;None of the above.;4 points;Question 9;1.;A _____ is the "first test" of new material designed to be in a training program.;Answer;pilot program;dry run;development;primary run;4 points;Question 10;1.;are those "and uh," "like," "um" space fillers that are injected into speech.;Answer;Serendipitous;Capitulations;Deprecations;Dysfluencies;4 points;Question 11;1.;List and give a short explanation of three of the techniques discussed by the authors for maintaining interest in training.;Answer;30 points;Question 12;1.;What is transfer of training and what are the factors that impact transfer of training?


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