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How did you approach completing the analysis and the assessment assignments?




You will attach your Unit 5 Assessment presentation to your response below. In this project discussion, you will share information about your experience in completing a Value Chain Assessment. This Project Discussion offers the class an opportunity to share thoughts about how you assessed the effectiveness of a company?s value chain.;Requirements for this Project Discussion;In your main response below, include the following;What questions did you explore?;Did your expectations from Unit 2 regarding value chain effectiveness change after completing the Unit 4 and Unit 5 assignments?;How did you approach completing the analysis and the assessment assignments?;What resources were most helpful to you?;What information did you include and why did you not include certain information?;Why did you make that assessment decision?;What recommendations do you have for future GB570 students?;Attach your Unit 5 Individual Project Presentation: ?Value Chain Assessment? to your response.;Review your classmates? responses with attached Unit 5 assessment presentations.;Respond to at least two of your classmates, including the following;Your thoughts about the process used to make the assessment;Your thoughts about the accuracy of the assessment decision;Support your responses by applying and citing at least one relevant and respected resource. References should be formatted using APA for both in-text citation within the response and when listing the references at the end of the response


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