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Kaplan MT400 quiz 3




Question 1.1.SMART project goals do not include which of the following attributes?;(Points: 2);Specific;Measurable;Achievable;Robust;Question 2.2.Which of the following definitions are not used in the Keen process worth matrix?;(Points: 2);Rewarding;Liability;Background;Mandated;Question 3.3.Which of the following is not a role in the process teams?;(Points: 2);Team leader;Customer liaison;Process experts;User team representatives;Question 4.4.Which of the following is a deliverable identified as an outcome of the Launch Pad Phase?;(Points: 2);Process maps;Project scope document;List of agreed process goals;List of high level business processes and metrics;Question 5.5.Which of the following should not be part of determining process goals?;(Points: 2);Stakeholder needs;Benchmarking against competitors;Organization strategy;Current promises to customers


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