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Essay on Distributive Bargaining and Mediation




Assessment Item: Research Assignment ? Essay on Distributive Bargaining and Mediation;Length: 1,500 words (excluding reference list) plus or minus 10% as per standard university policy;Due: Wednesday 24 September 2014 at 12::00pm midday via Turnitin;Essay Topic;What is the difference between distributive bargaining and mediation?;What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two methods of dispute resolution?;In what situations would you use each of them? Provide examples.;Format;The assignment must be in essay format (not report format) using complete sentences and paragraphs. Headings are acceptable and encouraged. You may include tables and diagrams if you wish.;Structure;Introduction: a succinct outline of the aims, purpose and structure of the paper and short summary of conclusions reached. An introduction in papers of this length is usually only one or two paragraphs. Your introduction must include a brief discussion of what you will discuss in your essay.;Body of the paper: the analysis. The social sciences technique of analysing involves more than just describing what happened. In this course, it is used to explain why events occurred, and to suggest implications of the events. The purpose of conceptual literature generally in the social sciences is broadly twofold: to predict and/or explain. The analysis in this paper must use the negotiation conceptual literature to answer the question. It is useful to critically evaluate the literature according to your experiences of negotiation inside as well as outside the classroom ? did your experiences differ from the analysis in the literature? If so how? Rely on your own observations, but ensure that you support them by referring to the academic literature.;Conclusion: Some concluding statements which summarise your overall evaluation. It should be a paragraph which restates your argument and sums up your principal conclusions in the paper. The conclusion should not introduce any new material or quotes.


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