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Kaplan IT460 Unit 8 assignment-Evaluate the different testing processes




Question;Unit 8;Project 8;Outcomes addressed in this activity;? Evaluate the different testing processes;? Explain the issues associated with development when selecting a system;architecture;? Describe the reasons why the maintenance phase is the most time-consuming;phase;? Discuss the 7 Layers of the OSI Model;Course Outcomes;GEL 1.1 Demonstrate college-level communications through the composition of original;materials in Standard American English.;Project Instructions;Please complete the following projects using MS Word. Save the project as Unit 8;Project.doc and place it into the Unit 8 Project Drop Box. Click here to access the ?SCRTIMS;Work Session Link?.;Part A;Jesse wants you to recommend a vendor who offers an ERP strategy. You need to;review the SAP and Oracle Web sites, and at least two others that offer ERP solutions;and reply to her with the results and the reasons for my recommendations. (SCRTIMS;Work Sessions ? Session 10 To Do List #1);Part B;Jesse wants to see a structure chart. She said to use program modules based on the;processes we identified earlier. She wants the modules to be cohesive and loosely;coupled. (SCR-TIMS Work Sessions ? Session 11 To Do List #1);Project requirements;? Recommend at least one vendor that offers an ERP strategy. In your own;words, summarize their offering.


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