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Kaplan IT499 unit 10 assognment-Technology Skills:




Assignment 10;Outcomes addressed in this Assignment;Unit Outcomes;? Produce the User Acceptance Test;? Create Project Repository;Course Outcomes;IT499-1: Technology Skills: Apply current technical tools and methodologies to solve problems.;IT499-2: Client Specifications: Analyze users? technical issues.;Assignment Instructions;For the Unit 10 Assignment, you will develop a User Acceptance Test and create a Project Repository.;The User Acceptance Test is an integral part of the development cycle. In your situation, you may not be able;to fully test the new system. For instance, for a new network design, it would be impractical to fully test the new;system. As such, you will compromise and write the questions and tasks that should be included in a user;acceptance test under ideal circumstances. Research user acceptance testing within the context of your;project area. Develop a series of questions or tasks that would be conducted. Identify who would participate in;the user testing. Are they colleagues? Employees of the client? Are they individuals paid a stipend to;participate and represent your target audience? Why are they appropriate participants? Describe how the;questions and tasks listed address the initial objectives of this project. What are the main objectives of the;testing? How will success be measured? What testing results would indicate the project is not ready for client;release?;The last component to be completed for the term is the Project Repository. The Project Repository is created;at the close of a project. The purpose is to gather all documentation created during the project and organize all;materials for archive. In the archive, create a table of contents document describing what has been included for;the archive. All relevant files will be placed in a folder labeled with your name, zipped and uploaded.;In your Assignment, Include the following;1. Repository Table of Contents;2. Project description/definition documents such as the Project Charter;3. Project schedules;4. Project financials;5. Project Status Reports (including any issues from unplanned events);6. Risk Assessment and Security Standards documentation;7. Diagrams and flowcharts


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