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In four to six paragraphs, summarize your Brand Extension Marketing Plan. Be sure to include:




GB530: Marketing Management unit 6;Unit 6 BEMP Assignment Rubric;Introduction: The major project in this course is to complete a Brand;Extension Marketing Plan for one new product on the behalf of an existing for-profit organization.;Using the Marketing Plan guide found in Doc Sharing, complete and submit the following;components of your Marketing Plan.;1.0 Executive Summary;In four to six paragraphs, summarize your Brand Extension Marketing Plan. Be sure to include;? Product;? Benefits;? Target markets;? Customer needs;? Value proposition;? How you would market on a national and global level;? Show an understanding of other cultures, global relationships, and global dynamics in the;marketplace;Go back through each section of your plan and make any appropriate revisions, based on the;feedback of your professor during each unit?s grading, and/or based upon new information you have;discovered throughout the process.;Submit all of the sections for your final completed Brand Extension Marketing Plan into the Unit;6 Dropbox.;Remember to submit ALL of the sections!;The components of your Brand Extension Marketing Plan for Unit 6 are evaluated using this rubric.;Unit 6 Brand Extension Marketing Plan Assignment Rubric;Criteria Possible Points;In four to six paragraphs you adequately summarized your Brand Extension;Marketing Plan, made revisions suggested by your Professor, and included;50;[GB530| Marketing Management];2;BRIEF information on your product, benefits, target market, customer needs;value proposition, sales projections, and keys to success.;Total


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