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Kaplan IT499 unit 7 assignment- Develop Capstone Project




Assignment 7;Outcomes addressed in this Assignment;Unit Outcomes;? Develop Capstone Project;? Prepare the work in progress for the client to review;? Summarize project progress to the instructor and the class;Course outcomes;IT499-2: Client Specifications: Analyze users? technical issues.;IT499-5: Business Analysis: Evaluate the potential impact of information systems and technology on business;processes.;IT499-6: Project Management: Apply project management practices, tools, and methods.;Assignment Instructions;There are only two weeks left to complete the project. Your client wants to know that you are moving the;project forward in compliance with the implementation plan's established timeline and milestones, and that;development is consistent with the needs analysis and system specification.;Prepare a PowerPoint presentation reporting progress to date on your project. Be mindful your audience is;your client. Everything needs to be explained in sufficient detail so they are confident of the progress made to;date. While each point can be covered in one or many slides, each point must be covered in the following;format;Develop this PowerPoint to summarize anything that has changed and expected in the deliverable for Unit 9.;Take this time to continue focusing on your project and make any modifications due to information revealed;from your coursework.;? Project objectives and contact information. (Single Slide);? Details of your client review session. (Single or Multiple Slides);? Changes in your development and implementation plan required as a result of your client review session.;(Single or Multiple Slides);? The projected impact of this implementation on the business. (Single or Multiple Slides);? Timeline showing tasks completed to date, and target milestones for remaining work (revised if necessary;based on the client review). Demonstrate the remaining development and deliverables schedule. (Single or;Multiple Slides);? Diagrams, flow charts, page screen shots or mockups, etc. (Use as many slides as needed);? Other information as required to report prog


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