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Kaplan IT499 unit 4 assignment-Create the budget, schedule, quality measures and risk assessment for the Capstone Project




Assignment 4;Outcomes addressed in this Assignment;Unit Outcomes;? Create the budget, schedule, quality measures and risk assessment for the Capstone Project;? Prepare development work on the Capstone Project;Course Outcomes;IT499-3: System Specifications: Design information systems.;Assignment Instructions;Prepare a Microsoft Word document outlining your Implementation Plan. Microsoft Excel? and Microsoft;Project can be used to supplement your plan. If you do not use Excel, make sure to put your budget in a Word;table format.;This document should follow a structured approach, and you should use the following outline. The items in;BOLD should be your paragraph headings for your paper. What follows the headings should be the content of;that section of the paper.;1. Project Background: Title and contact information of your client. A short summary of your project;background. This should be repeated from previous documents.;2. Project Timeline: This will include milestones, tasks/deliverables, resources assigned, and;dependencies. This can be done with Microsoft Project, if you wish, or with Microsoft Excel. It should;either be cut and pasted into the document at this point or embedded in your document.;3. Budget: This budget should contain multiple itemizations and should include all costs and expenses.;The budget should be detailed and use realistic (and referenced) figures. The student?s time is;considered a billable expense. Normally a budget would be done with Excel. If so, in this case, either;cut and paste the budget into your paper or embed the spreadsheet in your document.;4. Project Risks: Some common risks may include deviations from schedule, reduced budget, scope;creep, content development delays, and compromised data security. Consider an alternative plan to;help mitigate the risks.;5. Schematic/Wireframe/Flowchart: Include one schematic, wireframe, or flowchart. Could be used to;demonstrate development cycle, interface design, network topology, sitemap flowchart. Choose visual;guide appropriate for your project. Use software of your choice. Embed graphics into paper, do not;upload as a separate file.;6. Conclusion and references: A brief concluding paragraph describing this Assignment. Also, include;the references for your vendors and suppliers used to create your budget.


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