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Question One: Do we really need a major change in the way the IS function is structured...are the necessary changes just minor modifications to accommodate normal growth in computer uses...what are your thoughts / research in this regard?;Question Two: A vision is not the responsibility of the is the responsibility of the CEO or the top management you agree or disagree...why?;Question Three: Companies are using eBusiness applications to build profiles of customers...privacy advocates consider this practice to be you agree...where do you draw the line...why?;Question Four: Which of the frameworks for systems planning seem most useful to you...why?;Question Five: Web services sounds way too complex to be are little chunks of code from many organizations really going to work together and provide a reliable and secure computing environment?;Question Six: Although having a wireless device is handy, it is also an intrusion...people need some privacy...they should not always be reachable...what are your thoughts in this regard?;Question Seven: Technology does not change you agree or disagree to this statement...why?


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