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Kaplan IT460 unit 9 assignment-Discuss the systems operation, support, and security phase




Assignment 9;Outcomes addressed in this activity;? Discuss the systems operation, support, and security phase;? Describe the different system maintenance types and their importance;? Critique different backup and disaster recovery options;? Identify factors that signal the end of the useful life of an information system;? Discuss future challenges for IT professionals as technology reshapes the;workplace;Assignment Instructions;IT460:1-Compare various types of information systems.;Please complete the following assignments using MS Word. Save the assignment as Unit;9 Assignment.doc and place it into the Unit 9 Assignment Drop Box. Click here to access;the ?SCR-TIMS Work Session Link?.;Jesse wants a recommendation about an SCR help desk. She said that I can get more;information on the Internet. She wants any input by early next week. She said there's;lots of information out there on this topic. She wants me suggest a plan for creating an;SCR help desk (SCR ?TIMS Worksession, Session 12, To Do List, #1).;Assignment requirements;? Plan submitted that discusses what a helpdesk offers;? Discusses internal support options;? Discusses external support options and shows sample vendors and their options;? Makes recommendation that details which option is being recommended and;why;40 point assignment grading rubric;Assignment Requirements Maximum;points;Points;earned;1. Detailed Plan submitted that;discusses what a helpdesk offers;0-10;2. Discusses internal support 0-10 Ass


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