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Kaplan IT499 unit 3 assignment- Prepare the Project Charter outlining identified needs and your proposed solution




Copyright Kaplan University;Assignment 3;Outcomes addressed in this Assignment;Unit Outcomes;? Prepare the Project Charter outlining identified needs and your proposed solution;? Examine possible hardware and software solutions for identified problems;? Specify the system improvements and additional capabilities needed to meet the identified needs;Course Outcomes;IT499-2: Client Specifications: Analyze users? technical issues.;IT499-4: Technology Analysis: Evaluate IT trends, practices, and products.;Assignment Instructions;The Project Charter is the most important documentation for the course. This document will provide the;foundation for the entire project. This will be used to evaluate the success of your Final Project and;presentation. Your professor will use this document to assess whether the project objectives have been;completed in the Final Project. You will identify the project objectives, assumptions, scope, milestones;deliverables, impact statement, roles and how success will be measured. It is substantial documentation and;will require a time investment. Do not rush through the file. There are ample resources available online for;completing a Project Charter. Please be sure to conduct the necessary research to complete quality;documentation.;Project Requirements;Complete the Project Charter and address the following;1. Project Objectives: Focus on how business needs are being solved. How do the objectives support;the business strategies?;Note: For Web projects in particular, this does not address interface designs or any design details at this point.;The Project Charter does not include any visual design aspects in terms of color palettes, fonts, or images;being used.;2. Assumptions: These will address circumstances and outcomes which can be taken for granted. You;will not have all concrete information to begin the project, but you can make some assumptions.;Examples may include vendor reliability and availability of resources.;3. Project Scope: Address the deliverables of the project. Options may include system upgrades, help;files, documentation, full source code, training and support. Also establish some boundaries. For;example, if you are developing a network, how many offices will it entail? If computer systems are being A


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