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Kaplan IT499 unit 2 assignment-Identify an organization or devise an organizational simulation which the student will work with throughout




Assignment 2;Outcomes addressed in this Assignment;Unit Outcomes;? Identify an organization or devise an organizational simulation which the student will work with throughout;the term;? Identify the type of project the student will complete from the BSIT career focus areas;? Determine that the selected project will meet the Final Presentation requirements for the course;? Describe briefly the organization, its structure and how the project is going to assist the organization;Course Outcomes;IT499-1: Technology Skills: Apply current technical tools and methodologies to solve problems.;IT499-2: Client Specifications: Analyze users? technical issues.;Assignment Instructions;Before you begin planning for this course: Start here.;From this point forward, even if your Capstone is a simulation, you should proceed as though you are working;on your project as a real deliverable. It is very important that this project is approached as a real project that;illustrates the skills you have developed during the pursuit of your degree! If you need further clarification;please ask your instructor in an e-mail or address this in the Seminar.;There are two documents to review prior to beginning this project. Look ahead to Unit 3. Quickly review;the Project Charter you will be developing next week. It will help you organize the materials this week so you;have a clear understanding of what you are working towards. Next, you need to review the Essential;Capstone Information. There are certain standards that must be met for your final deliverables.;Understanding them now is critical to the success of your project. Review them now so it is not a problem later.;Project Initiation;The Information Technology Solution you develop may be on any of the career focus areas in the BSIT;program. The project you choose must meet the identified needs of the client. It is required that you choose a;project that can be completed by the end of Unit 9.;For this unit, you will begin this process by preparing for the project. Assume the role of Project Manager and;begin identifying the main objectives.;Create a PowerPoint? presentation identifying the organization that you will be working with and the project;you expect to complete.;In your PowerPoint presentation, include the following;1. Your Information: Include your contact information and your emphasis area. Assign


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