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Could you please look at this and tell me what you...




Could you please look at this and tell me what you think please. On a side note, thanks for the assignment you did yesterday. I really appreciate your help the assignment was done perfectly! Thanks again, John,Hello again, I was just wondering if anyone received the request I submitted about 3 hours ago. I don?t want to be a nuisance, just wanted to be sure it was received. Thank you, John p.s The assignment was the Apple assignment.,Sir, I hate to bother you, but might you have any idea or a time frame when the Apple assignment I sent you will be completed? Thanks in advance for your time. John,Sir, I sent you the attached assignment on 11/07/10 @ 7:34pm and the message you sent back said you accepted the assignment and had started working on it. I was wondering if you have an idea when the assignment will be completed. I appreciate your time and thank you in advance. John,Sir, I have an exam I need some help with either tomorrow evening or possibly Sunday evening. If I were to send you a copy of the questions I need help with, approximately how quickly could you complete them and return them to me? The course is a 201 accounting class. Also,if I sent you instructions and the link could you complete the exam for me? The exam is approximately 50 questions, 10 of which, are short fill in and the rest are multiple choice. Please advise. Thank you, John


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